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Vimeo Festival + Awards logo

Opening remarks at The Vimeo Festival and Awards will be delivered by yours truly on Oct. 8th at 10 a.m.


Opening Remarks, a State of the Internet Address with Dr Reginald Watts.

Musician, Actor, Comedian, Trapeze artist, Mime, Internet Scientist, and Vimeo Ambassador to the Interweb Dr. Reginald Watts will kick-off the Vimeo Festival with a special, and we do mean special, preview of what’s to come. Dr. Watts will give an entertaining look into his never-before-heard theories on the digital universe as we know it and provide the essential knowledge that will aid you on your quest throughout your journey at the Vimeo Festival. Dr. Watts will be answering questions from the community concerning humanity‚Äôs electronic future.

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