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Friday Screenings

As the sun sets on today’s talks and 'shops, it’s almost time for our first crop of Festival Screenings. Here’s what we have on deck for tonight:

World Premiere of ‘Limbo,’ the new film by 2010 Grand Prize Winner Eliot Rausch
6:45pm | Main Hall
After winning the Grand Prize and a $25,000 grant at the 2010 Awards, director Eliot Rausch partnered with the Dreamers of Los Angeles to create this 19-minute film that explores the lives of three students living in the US without legal status.

Imaginary Worlds
7pm | Root 3 
These fantastic flights of animation and post-production sorcery enable their creators to design alternate universes and take audiences on impossible journeys.

8:45pm | Root 3 
This screening collects the most unexpected, eye-widening, LOL-inducing, and must-share-now videos from our pool of Vimeo Festival + Award submissions. They’ll leave you awestruck — or simply wondering “What the f%#k?”

The Winners
8:30pm | Main Hall
As its title so clearly states, The Winners is a showcase of our amazing 2012 Vimeo Awards winners! We started with 14,567 videos and ended up with these 13 tremendous works.

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