Vimeo Festival + Awards logo

Vimeo Festival + Awards logo

We need your help!

The first annual Vimeo Festival + Awards is right around the corner! We’re putting in a TON of work to make it the greatest experience in the history of mankind (or at least close to that), and we want to make sure that the Vimeo community is represented fully. That’s why we need your help.

The Vimeo Festival will showcase the greatest minds and the most innovative work that we see on the web. In that vein, we are creating a special gallery space to showcase the coolest work that the Vimeo community has to offer. If you make mind-blowing installations, video art, futuristic video technology pieces, or anything else that is fun and interactive that you think would shine in the Vimeo Gallery, we want to showcase it at the Vimeo Festival. This is a phenomenal opportunity to come to the festival and have your work shown to thousands of people in the heart of New York City’s gallery area in Chelsea, not to mention displaying your stuff to the Vimeo community in real life!

We are also looking to tap into all you insane graphic designers and creative types to make cool posters for the event. These posters can be anything from illustrations to photos to infographics – anything that embodies the creative spirit of Vimeo and the celebration of the Festival + Awards. Just make sure there is a Festival + Awards logo somewhere on the poster, that’s the only criteria! We will use the ones we like the best to help promote the Festival + Awards on our own site, during the festival, and possibly in print. Of course we will give you tons of credit and give the artists we choose free passes to the event!

To submit your work for either the Vimeo Gallery or for posters, please email us at with a detailed description or video of your work or the poster itself.

The Vimeo atmosphere of unbounded creativity and technological innovation creates such a rich artistic environment on the site, and we hope you will help us to properly represent this segment of the community at the Festival. We can’t wait to see your stuff!